Get valuable guest insights with Crave's new analytics.

August 9, 2023

Understand your guests' interests by leveraging detailed usage analytics and evaluating trends to optimize engagement and enhance the guest experience.

We're excited to introduce our new analytics platform, giving you access to a comprehensive suite of data, offering a detailed analysis of tablet usage and guest interactions.

From tracking orders per time of day to evaluating the performance of different areas of your property, Crave Analytics provides a holistic view of guest engagement.


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Guest Interests

Crave Analytics usage dashboards track guest interactions, revealing comprehensive insights into engagement levels, preferences, and areas of interest.


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Planning and Promotions

Our analytics tools offer detailed views of popular interaction times, including specific hours and days of the week, providing valuable data for strategic planning and targeted promotions.


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Key Performance Indicators

Crave Analytics enables easy access to essential metrics including conversion rates from interactions to product views and through to orders, in addition to session duration, average order value and volume.


If you are interested in unlocking the full potential of your Crave tablets with Crave Analytics. Tap the button below to get your access credentials to Crave Analytics, and take your guest experience to the next level! 


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Liz Hopfner

Customer Success Specialist