Increase guest communication

with in-room tablet messaging

Our in-room tablets see 90% engagement, giving you the perfect platform for you to keep guests connected throughout their stay.

Capture attention

Dynamic animated messages can capture your guest’s attention, and provide scope for creative promotions or communicating important information.

Data we’ve collected from hotels with our tablets shows that over 90% of guests will interact with their tablets, giving you an extremely high engagement communication channel.

Return on investment

Hotels offering spa services regularly see lost revenue through unfilled appointments. Messaging on in-room tablets helps our clients regain otherwise lost revenue through promoting special spa packages and last minute availability, showing massive return on investment.

Scheduled messages

Message templates allow staff to send pre-configured messages to guest-facing tablets from the Crave CMS.

Messages can be configured with a title, a body of text, an image, and can be linked to other areas of content on a tablet.

Alternatively, it is possible to configure messages to consist of a single animated design.

These can be created at any time of day, or even weeks in advance, to ensure you have a full suite for all of your needs.

Ad-hoc messages

Ad-hoc messages are set up either in the Crave CMS or manually configured on the staff console and are there to be sent out to devices as and when they are required.

The benefits of ad-hoc messages are that you are able to set up last-minute messages with ease, and personalise existing templates on the go.

You can send out a last-minute window-cleaning announcement, or tailor a last-minute spa booking to a specific set of guests.

Message types



Full screen / animated

A full media message giving flexibility to capture attention with animation, and promote important services.

Text and image

Editable text with custom or templated images giving individual hotels flexibility.

Urgent messages

A red message box perfect for communicating urgent warnings for guests such as fire alarm tests.


Room grouping

Group rooms by floor, building side, or room type, and quickly send the same message to entire groups of rooms.

Direct to any content

Direct guests to any content hosted on your in-room tablet system with call to action buttons.

Custom templates

Set up standard templates to ensure consistency of brand and tone of voice throughout the guest experience.

Variable time-outs

Keep messages on screen for a limited time to ensure time sensitive content is displayed only when needed.

Message examples


Spa treatments

Promote last minute Spa availability and capture otherwise lost revenues.


True innovation

Make the most out of your hosted events by selling ad space for promotional materials.

Special experiences

Tailor your messages to your events and happenings, to get the footfall in the places you need it most.

Excursions and adventures

Make the most of your fast-paced attractions with dymanic imagery and videos.

Make it personal

A great way to make a guest feel special is to use tailored messaging just for them.
Reward loyalty

Reward loyalty

Promote your loyalty schemes, and even add QR codes so guests can take the information with them

Breakfast in bed

Timing is everything, so you can schedule messages to appear at the right time of day to entice your guests.

Important notices

Handle the urgency with ease, by sending out important messages with just the click of a button.


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