Maximise your spa revenue

If your hotel has a Spa that is not 100% booked, there is no better way of maximizing revenues with bookings from your guests than using Crave.

On average one additional booking per room per month can be achieved with Crave tablets – for a 150 room hotel that typically equates to an extra $30,000 per month, over 15 times the cost of an entire Crave system, including tablets.

No better way to communicate

Nearly all guests use Crave tablets, with 30-40% typically browsing the Spa or Salon section. There is a super effective way to make sure all guests are aware of your Spa and what it can offer. 

Great pictures, videos and descriptions prompt guests to book treatments – our team are experts and will help achieve the best results.



Inspire your guests to relax

Home screen adverts entice guest to look at what the Spa has to offer.

Crave pop-up messages are extremely effective, especially at filling late availability slots.

Communication with the spa team

With Crave’s video services, telephony and messaging capability, guests can connect directly with your Spa team and fit in with the way you want to operate. 

Hot links to connect to your Spa team can be by your web-site, your App, a Crave tablet or your pre-arrival welcome email.

Crave Kiosk

Crave Kiosk can be used at the Spa entrance, or in the hotel foyer, specifically to promote the Spa to guests.


Crave’s pre-arrival can help promote the Spa and bookings prior to guests arrival

Post treatment

Individual messages can be sent to guests post-treatment, encouraging product sales, reviews and re-booking.


Upselling opportunities

Requests can be made direct to the Spa team, or direct booking by guests can be made with integration to your Spa booking software.

Most of our hotel clients prefer guests to connect with their Spa team, as upselling to additional treatments and high value products are best achieved with.

Data analysis

Guests are 350% more likely to book a Spa treatment in a room with a Crave tablet, compared with a room with a mobile solution (App or QR code) to promote the Spa.**

Late availability messages have proved particularly effective. If you have open sessions,. once the inventory has gone the revenue is lost forever. One client has reported a 1% booking rate for messages sent to rooms at lunchtime – that’s 4 late bookings per day in a 400 room hotel.

Crave data provides powerful insights into which treatments your guests are most interested in, and which offers are the most enticing.

**Crave data analysis of 100,000 room nights June -September 2022


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