Crave in-room tablets

Make your guests feel like VIPs

For the ultimate guest experience, Crave in-room tablets are perfect for resort and luxury properties. Elegant, highly intuitive and visually appealing, they help create a positive and lasting memory for your guests.

We were the first company to design tablets specifically for hotels, and we believe our 4th generation T3 tablets and docks are the best ever designed for hotels.


One-touch everything

Crave tablets provide one simple, beautiful point of engagement for everything your guests need.

The possibilities are endless, and include e-concierge, video, and room controls as well as all the normal guest services, all highly customised to compliment your brand and its values.

Total guest engagement

Over 80% of guests engage with Crave tablets, with data analysis of over 100,000 room nights showing guests are 3.5 times more likely to request a spa treatment. They are incredibly effective at promoting all your services to guests in a pleasing manner.

Instant access to an enticing, multi-lingual multi-media paradise will ensure your guests fully enjoy everything there is on offer  and increase your sales of F&B, spa and experiences.

ROI for your hotel

If you are a resort or luxury hotel, Crave tablets will provide a compelling return on investment, often 15 times the cost. Speak to the Crave team to find out more.

If you are a mid-scale or limited service hotel, we would most likely recommend our mobile solution with a  Crave lobby kiosk as the most cost effective way of providing great digital service to your guests.

8 year life with replaceable battery packs

Most tablets and smartphones have non-serviceable lithium-ion batteries which fail after about 3 years of use, limiting their life considerably.

Crave solves this problem with replaceable battery packs that are easy for your staff to change, extending the expected life of our tablets to 8 years. Tell that to your finance chief.

Screens protected

Our protective covers help prevent accidental damage and improve tablet resilience. Along with  internal protective design features , you can expect less than 2% screen breakages per year – significantly lower than the industry average. 

And if you are in a remote location (as many of our beautiful resort hotels are), we now offer DIY screen fixing packs to compliment our repair services.

Our multi-media docks

Crave tablet docks include two quality speakers for a great sound while playing the radio, videos, and hands free calls. 

The docks are designed so that the tablet always sits correctly on the wire-free charging pins, and include a detachable PSU cable to allow easy installation with any bedside furniture.

And for the guest convenience there is a USB-A and USB-C charging socket.


Non-negotiable guest privacy

Crave tablets have no camera. This small design feature is hugely important as it not only protects your guests’ privacy, it reinforces the respect you have for them.

Experience has taught us that some guests simply don’t trust that a camera is switched off in software…

Inside the engine room

Our tablets are designed for super-fast performance and reliability. The components we use are all high quality, such as Samsung memory and storage chips and a Quad-core ARM Cortex-A55 processor with integral G52 GPU.

And we’re proud that the operating system (OS) and mobile device management (MDM) are our own, developed by our in-house team specifically for use in hotels.

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