Crave AI for Hotels

Hotel Guest Service Redefined

Crave AI is a fully managed AI solution for hotels that provides exceptional guest services.

It's not just a text chatbot, but an elegant natural language solution that includes contextual visual content with Crave's unique AI Display Window.

And to top that we've integrated video chat for the moments when human service is required.

The result is a truly compelling guest experience.

Take a look at Crave AI

Take a look at our demo video for Crave AI, and see our innovative AI Display Window and integrated video chat.

Great service with the wow factor

It's unlikely your guests will have experienced an AI solution quite like this.

Almost any question, in any language, is met with a professional, polite, informative and accurate answer.

Our unique AI Display Window brings the conversation to life by displaying web pages, booking and ordering services, pictures, videos and menus.

It's time to add the wow factor to your service offering - speak to the Crave team.


Crave AI Display Window

A superior guest experience

The Crave AI Display Window shows relevant content and services during the guest conversation.

  • Videos, images and descriptions bring the conversation to life, creating a far better guest experience than simple chat.

  • Any web-based service can be displayed at the appropriate time,  including restaurant booking, hotel reservations, F&B ordering systems, service requests, maps and menus.

  • Transactions and payments are easy and secure, with no personal data passed to the AI engine.

The human touch

Personal service when required with integrated Video Chat 

We all know some guests would rather speak to a human, and there will be some requests that the AI bot won't be able to help with.

So we've integrated our Instant Video solution into Crave AI so that the bot can automatically connect to staff by video chat link when asked by the guest, or at a relevant point in the conversation.

Crave AI provides the best of automated and personal service in a compelling solution that will delight your guests.



Service 24/7 by any channel

Crave AI provides service to your guests via voice, text, kiosk, in-room tablet and web.

With the visual capability of kiosk, tablet and web, the service is enhanced by our AI Display Window.

If a guest interacts with a voice call or text messaging solution, the answers are modified as the AI knows there is no web window available.


Simple set up

A fully managed solution for your hotel.

Crave's core competence is in providing fully managed digital guest service solutions to hotels.

With Crave AI, you provide us with your branding materials and relevant information, and we handle the rest.

You have the flexibility to offer the solution through messaging, telephone, website, kiosks, or in-room tablets. 

If there are any changes to your services or menus, simply send them to our support team, and we will update the AI instance for your hotel.




Ring fenced AI for each hotel

Crave AI has been developed by Crave's in-house team, harnessing powerful services from Google and OpenAI.

Each Crave AI instance is configured for a specific hotel and is ring-fenced so that only information and services for that hotel are provided - ensuring the accuracy of nearly every response.

Each guest session is unique with Crave AI loading the latest hotel information and AI personality. It will only provide up to date information, and is safeguarded from learning anything inappropriate from responses to other guests. 

Data and security

Crave AI allows secure transactions, payments, and service requests within the AI Web Window. This includes F&B ordering, restaurant booking, and spa bookings.

Personal guest data remains protected as it is not exposed to the underlying AI engine.

For text and voice interactions without a web window, Crave AI provides transaction capabilities by sending secure links for completing bookings or orders to users' phones or email.



Astonishing multi-lingual service

Crave AI includes highly accurate on the fly translation in almost any language, providing great service to international guests without the need to translate your menus and content.

Check out the demo video and be prepared to be amazed.


An AI personality to match your brand

With Crave AI each instance has a hotel-specific persona with a demeanour that is fitting the hotel brand.

A variety of voices and accents are available, and you can choose the tone and style in which the AI speaks to fit your brand.

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