Hotel technology made easy

The Crave platform has been designed specifically for the hospitality industry, with over 70 man-years of development invested in it.
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Built for integration

The Crave platform is built for seamless integration with most common hotel systems as well as operating in standalone mode. Over 150 integrations are supported, with more being added all the time. These include PMS, POS, Spa, Room Automation, TVs, booking services, ticketing platforms, messaging services and more.

Whatever your integration requirements, the Crave platform has the capability to deliver.


Data driven intelligent service

With a billion guest interactions per annum on our platform, the Crave data team is tasked with turning this wealth of data into actionable and useful data insights for our clients.

Data drives our innovation process, provides valuable insights for our clients and is the key to understanding guest preferences and delivering personal service.

Speak to team Crave to understand how our data capabilities can enhance your data and guest service strategies.


The Crave platform can reliably service the needs of large hotel groups as well as individual properties, with most aspects of the Crave platform deployed on AWS.


The Crave platform is mature, stable, proven and reliable. It is closely monitored 24/7 and a complete duplicated system is maintained with disaster recovery processes in place. 


The Crave platform includes sophisticated security features, strictly complying with data regulations, including GDPR and other regional data laws.

Fit for purpose

The Crave platform is a proprietary system developed over years specifically for hospitality companies to provide great digital services to their guests. 


The Crave platform helps serve guests with a great experience from the moment they book. A simple link on the booking email can inform the guests of what they need to know to plan their trip, including e-concierge, advance spa and restaurant bookings, room upgrades and essential information.



Crave kiosks and mobile solutions can help speed the check-in process and provide local area or resort maps and things to do.  Better service to augment the available staff, and with fewer queues too!

The lobby area creates first impressions and sets the tone for the guests’ overall experience.


In-room tablets

Designed specifically for hotels, our T3 in-room tablet range is the best on the market. They are super-fast, super reliable and sound great too. Replaceable battery packs and protective covers uniquely solve the main issues with tablets in hotels. You can expect a 6-8 year life with <2% screen breakages per year.

Nearly all your guests will engage with tablets, with higher sales of F&B and over 3 times the number of spa treatments than with a QR code solution. Perfect for vacation resorts and luxury properties, request a demo and see for yourself why Crave tablets are so successful.


Mobile / anywhere

Keep your guests engaged wherever they go, with mobile access to all of your services. Crave’s mobile solution provides everything your guests need in an intuitive and engaging manner bespoke to your brand.

With instant access to services from anywhere – the pool, the lobby, meeting rooms, guest rooms – your guests will love the simplicity and speed with which they can find information and order what they need.

Our data insights and experience can help you ensure maximum guest engagement and increased sales of ancillaries.


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