Elevate your hotel experience with Crave's integrations and exciting Book4Time partnership

March 5, 2024

Ahead of the release of Crave's Book4Time integration, delve into the diverse range of integrations connecting Crave with top hotel systems.

Did you know Crave integrates with hundreds of other hospitality technology providers? 

We're continuously adding new partners, helping you increase revenue and operational efficiency whilst delighting your guests with the best experience, which is why we're currently working on a fully featured integration with Book4time for spa and activity bookings.

Join us at one of our upcoming webinars to delve into the details of how we can work with your existing systems to maximise the benefits and harness the power of your combined solutions.

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Point-Of-Sale: drive efficiency and order accuracy

With integrations to all the leading POS systems, including Micros Simphony, Agilisys InfoGenesisSilverware, Lightspeed and Deliverect, Crave can help you to maximise the efficiency of your in-room dining service, ensuring the accuracy of order processing and freeing-up your staff to focus on guest satisfaction.


Room controls: elevate guest comfort and convenience

Delight your guests with the convenience of controlling the in-room entertainment and room automation all from the bedside tablet. Crave's intuitive room control integrations with partners such as Honeywell Inncomm, Control4, Interel, Siemens and KNX can provide guests with the comfort of adjusting the lighting to suit their mood, setting the perfect room temperature, closing the blinds and finding an entertaining movie to watch on the TV.


Hotel operations: housekeeping and guest satisfaction

Whether it be by responding to requests for extra bedding, making-up the room, or promoting environmental sustainability by reducing unnecessary laundry, ensure the highest guest satisfaction ratings whilst streamlining workflows with integrations to leading housekeeping and property maintenance systems such as Alice, Amadeus HotSOS and Quore.


PMS: for personalization and seamless checkout

Personalize your guests' experience with messages specifically addressed to them, and feature their name on the tablet for that VIP feeling. An integration to one of our PMS partners, such as Oracle Opera or Infor, also allows for effortless express self check-out in just a few taps, reducing the demand on reception staff, particularly at peak times.


Telephony: personal service and guest communication

Enable guests to 'click-to-call' from the tablet or your website in order to connect with staff through your existing telephony system. Or for an even more personal touch, create a visual connection with Crave's Instant Video.

Liz Höpfner