Keep the conversation going with Crave's exciting new tap-to-call functionality

July 3, 2024

Enable voice calling directly from your in-room tablets with Crave’s tap-to-call feature.

Guest satisfaction is underpinned by service without delay, so imagine being able to connect guest inquiries directly to the phone extension of the relevant hotel department via the Crave tablet.

Guests can peruse the tablet’s content and self-book at their leisure, but in order to further enhance the guest experience and maxmimize the booking conversion rate, consider including the option to initiate a call directly to a member of staff for that truly personal touch.

Elevated spa experience

Spa Section

Guests can now have more detailed discussions with spa staff to customize treatments and packages to their specific needs. Whether it's a special request or a tailored treatment plan, direct communication via tap-to-call ensures that guests receive the personalized attention they deserve.

Premium dining experience

Dinning sectionWhether it be a romantic dinner on the beach, or a special occasion that the guest would like to mark with a particularly memorable culinary experience, the tablet is the perfect tool to promote such a recommendation to the guest. A brief call to the F&B team could make all the difference where dietary restrictions or personalised requests cause pause for thought.

Enhanced concierge services

Concierge callThe concierge experience is elevated with tap-to-call. Guests can browse through activities, dining options, and local attractions on the tablet and, with a single click, connect with the concierge to arrange personalised visits, book transfers and create memorable experiences.

Efficient maintenance and housekeeping

MaintananceOperational requests have never been easier. Guests can directly reach out for room repairs, additional items, or housekeeping services. Immediate communication ensures that guest needs are met promptly, leading to a more comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Crave tap-to-call requires no additional hardware or technology. The feature routes calls directly into your existing phone system and connects guests to the specific department they need. Quick installation means your hotel can start benefiting from improved guest communication and operational efficiency in no time.

Liz Hopfner

Customer Success Specialist