Crave Interactive provide a single guest portal for all hotel QR codes

June 14, 2022

While QR codes have become popular and effective, hotel guests are often confused by multiple codes for different services. 

June 2022, London. Crave Interactive, a global leader in digital guest experiences; today announced the extension of its award-winning mobile solution to allow the consolidation of all digital hotel services into a single customised QR code guest portal. 

Single guest portal all QR codes

It’s not uncommon for hotel guests to be presented with multiple codes in the same property, leading to a confusing and fragmented experience.

Crave Interactive has led the field in digital guest experiences for hotel guests worldwide for many years. Its mobile solution unifies content into a single interactive QR code that can include food and beverage orders, virtual concierge, restaurant booking, local area information, hotel services and guest requests. Crave can also incorporate multiple integrations to improve operational efficiency. There is no app to download, and the guest uses their own device to access all the content.

Hotels require a single mobile solution that actively engages guests, generates additional revenues and improves guest interaction and experience.

Tim Butterworth, Chief Commercial Officer at Crave, said:

“Guests want instant engagement.  The QR code offers just that. Our mobile solutions extend content to the guest’s mobile beautifully. With our excellent upselling tools and highly engaging content, we add a new dimension to promoting experiences and enhancing the overall guest experience.”


Crave’s mobile solution is not restricted to the hotel bedroom. Many hotels use it to provide interactive information and ordering in bars, lobbies, poolside and even on the beach.

Crave customer Eric Chao, Corporate Senior IT Director, Viceroy Hotel Group, said:

“Viceroy discovered Crave Interactive in 2020 when we needed an interactive solution to replace paper touchpoints in our bedrooms on a single QR code.  We didn’t want a downloadable app and Crave had the perfect solution, which included in-room dining and replacing our paper directory. We continue to roll out Crave across our hotels and have added several integrations, including ALICE and InfoGenesis, to improve internal efficiencies.”


 Try it for yourself! Scan or click the QR code below for the full guest experience:

Unified guest service portal for hotels

Daniel Harrison