Instant Video
for Hotels

Personal service reinvented.

Crave Instant Video is the first purpose built video service solution for hotels.

It allows hotel guests to instantly connect with relevant hotel staff from anywhere via a
video chat link.

Try it out for yourself:

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Video service, designed for hotels

Crave Instant Video allows hotel guests to instantly connect with relevant hotel staff from anywhere via a video chat link. 

It has been designed specifically for the hotel environment and is incredibly easy to deploy and for hotel staff and guests to use. 

The Instant Video service helps create memorable guest experiences with a personal touch for your guests, while maximising the efficiency of your guest facing staff. 

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Single team - multiple hotels

The beauty of Instant Video is that staff can be located anywhere, and can service guests from multiple hotels and countries.

As calls are answered, staff know which guest from which hotel is calling, what service they want and what language they are expecting.

Guest expectations managed

No need to worry about always having your Instant Video service manned at all times.

Guests are shown how many agents are available, and if there are none they are politely informed and invited to leave a message or book  a call back.


If no-one answers.....

If agents are unexpectedly not available to handle a call, the caller is not left in the lurch. After 20 seconds a message apologises for the delay and asks if they would like to continue, or leave a message.

Easy for staff

Staff simply log in via a PC browser to their Instant Video agent portal, which is easy to understand and use.

Their profile identifies which languages they speak and which services they can deal with. Their location is protected with background blur, enabling home working or untidy office environments.

Visual and audio prompts let agents know a guest is calling, and can include information on the caller and their hotel. 



Integrated chat

Each call has an integrated chat function. As well as a handy chat channel, this is particularly useful for sharing links, templates for common questions, documents, etc.

It is very useful for sharing links, getting clients to clarify the spelling of their name, email etc.

The chat channel can be used to pass specific payment links to clients for secure instant payment.

Screen sharing

Agents are able to take control of the browser screen to show the guest relevant information and web pages.

For example, concierge staff can show guests the specific location of show seats or the menu and location of a local restaurant.


Calls recorded and transcripted

An optional feature is for calls to be recorded with a transcript automatically created. These can be added to client notes in your CRM and used for quality and training purposes.

Clients are advised upfront with a clear message if the call is to be recorded.

Call transferring

Make sure guests and callers get a personalised, seamless experience with the ability to transfer calls to another agent.

If you are unable to further assist, or simply want to pass on a guest to another department, the Instant Video platform allows you to invite another agent to your active call and stay on the line as you hand over the guests' needs and expectations. You are then free to leave the call after handing off the caller.


Multiple languages

Crave Instant Video offers language support with a central multi-lingual team, enabling hotel groups to serve international guests with ease.

Instant payments

Payments can be requested and easily made by passing a payment link to the guest via the integrated chat. 

Custom branding

As with all Crave solutions, Instant Video can be branded with your colors, logo and styling.

Highly secure

We recognise that security is essential for a hotel integrating real time communications into its website, app or service. Crave Instant Video is a reliable and secure platform with end-to-end encryption of all video calls and associated chat.

We use the AES cipher with 128-bit keys to encrypt audio and video, and HMAC-SHA1 to verify data integrity.

Reporting and data

Crave Instant Video includes comprehensive reporting and data.

Every call and every action is recorded and reported against, providing valuable management insight into guest calls, service levels and individual staff performance.

All data capture is compliant with GDPR and other relevant data laws. 

Direct website link

Crave Instant Video works with a simple URL link accessed easily from a website or Facebook page. 

The user needs no App or specialist equipment, the video call works instantly from the users computer or phone.

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Instant video via mobile

Instant Video can also be accessed by the guest on their mobile from anywhere. 

A simple QR code enable access and it can be easily integrated into hotel mobile Apps and websites.


Instant video on Crave tablets

Crave Instant Video can be provided to guests on our T3 in-room tablet range.

Guest can instigate one-way video call with staff whereby the guest is audio only and their privacy within the hotel room protected and respected.

In-room video service is like having a butler service for all guests.

And if you are selling Vacation Club packages to your guests, you'll find the combination of Crave tablets and Instant Video highly effective.


Instant video via link in email

Give your guests the option to access staff instantly via an email link. If you regularly send out a pre-stay email with information on the local area and options for room upgrades, it's easy to include a link to your Instant Video service.

With a live video chat you're able to offer guests exceptional personalised service before they've even got to your hotel, while increasing your opportunities for upselling and cross selling.

Instant video on Crave kiosks

Guests can make a video chat call using the kiosk to available agents providing great service in a modern manner.

Instant Video provides a “wow”  to guests, and enables better service with fewer staff.  Guest privacy is protected with video chat being one way only on the kiosk.

Use cases

Video concierge

Provide concierge services to guests throughout their stay, and even before!

VIP guests

Give VIP guests highly personal service by video, in a format convenient to them.

Vacation Club sales

Have Vacation Club representatives available via video answering any queries about membership.

Corporate clients

Manage key accounts with a dedicated team, giving personalised service via video.

Centralised teams

Centralise your concierge or front desk teams and realise efficient staffing.


Provide high-quality assistance with organising events and conferences via video.

Whitelabeled for vendors

If you are a vendor looking to offer Instant Video to your clients or customers either affiliated or entirely white-labeled, please contact us to discuss partnership options.

$195  per month
3 agents
2 call groups
4,000 video minutes
Video calls, voice calls and chat
Guest access points
Web, QR codes, social
Support by email
Online training and best practice guides
30 day free trial
$495  per month
10 agents
Up to 8 call groups
20,000 video minutes
Unlimited guest access points
Web, QR code, social, email, txt, kiosk, in-room tablet
Multi-lingual options
Share screen
Advanced features
Advanced analytics
Support by video call
30 day free trial
Multiple hotels
PMS, loyalty, CRM, RMS etc.
Embedded in app
Bespoke feature development
Customisation and white label
Call recording and transcripts
PBX integration

See for yourself

Start an instant video call with the Crave team now and see how it all works for yourself! 



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